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Calendar Review
Housing Element Task Force Meeting: Candidate Site Tour

Meet at City Hall parking lot for guided visits of each candidate site.

Must provide own transportation.

Since the date falls on Yom Kippur, anyone interested in touring the sites but cannot attend the 10/8/11 meeting should contact Lilly Schinsing at (415) 289-4134 for self-guided tour information or alternative arrangements.

Saturday, October 8, 2011
9:30 a.m.
Meet At City Hall Parking Lot: 420 Litho Street

Approved minutes

The goal of the Sausalito Housing Element Task Force is to accommodate the Regional Housing Needs Allocation of 372 dwelling units through 2014 in a manner that has positive and minimal impact on Sausalito.

Each agenda item will be considered in the following manner: 1) Staff will provide a presentation/overview; 2) the Housing Element Task Force will discuss the item; 3) the public may comment on the item; and 4) the Task Force will discuss the item and take action. 

The Task Force may, at its discretion, consider agenda items out of the order in which they are listed. The public may comment on any item on the agenda that has not previously been subject to public comment. To give everyone an opportunity to be heard and to ensure the presentation of different points of view, the Task Force requests that members of the audience who speak: 1) Always address the Chair; 2) State his or her name and address; 3) State views succinctly, and; 4) Limit comments to three minutes.

Chair Stan Bair (Planning Commission Rep)
Vice-Chair Joan Cox (Planning Commission Rep)
Mike Kelly (City Council Rep)
Vacant (City Council Rep)
Susan Cleveland-Knowles (City Resident)
Steve Flahive (City Resident)
Kim Stoddard (City Resident)
Chris Visher (City Resident)
Ray Withy (City Resident)


3. SITE VISITS — ROUTE AND SCHEDULE (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
*Note: Due to limited availability of space on the City van, members of the public must provide their own transportation.* Sites will be marked with posters on 10/3/11.

Since the date falls on Yom Kippur, anyone interested in touring the sites but cannot attend the 10/8/11 meeting should contact Lilly Schinsing, Associate Planner at (415) 289-4134 for self-guided tour (part 1, part 2, part3) info or alternative arrangements.

Candidate Site Schedule:

9:40-9:55am: U-3 (1700 Blk of Bridgeway): U-3 Neighborhood Notice / U-3 Site Poster
10:00-10:15am: V-3 (Rodeo): V-3 Neighborhood Notice / V-3 Site Poster
10:20-10:35am: V-4 (Woodward): V-4 Neighborhood Notice / V-4 Site Poster
10:40-10:55am: V-5 (Butte): V-5 Neighborhood Notice / V-5 Site Poster
11:00-11:15am: V-6 (Ebbtide): V-6 Neighborhood Notice / V-6 Site Poster
11:20-11:35am U-2 (Spencer Fire Station): U-2 Neighborhood Notice / U-2 Site Poster
11:40-11:55am: V-1 (Sausalito Boulevard): V-1 Neighborhood Notice / V-1 Site Poster
12:00-12:15pm: U-1 (Valhalla): U-1 Neighborhood Notice / U-1 Site Poster
12:20-12:35pm: V-2 (800 Blk of Bridgeway): V-2 Neighborhood Notice / V-2 Site Poster

4. ADJOURN – Next Meeting- October 10, 2011

I:\CDD\Boards & Committees\HETF\Agendas\2011\10-8-11.doc