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Instructions For Preparing The Required Arborist Report

  1. Provide a drawing showing the location, CBH, height, species, and estimated age of the trees for which alteration is requested. The drawing must be clearly legible, to a reasonable scale, and show locations relative to other trees and structures on the parcel. If cutting is for view purposes, the drawing must show how the tree impairs the applicants view.

    If the cutting is requested to accommodate new construction on private undeveloped property, the drawing must be prepared by a licensed land surveyor or civil engineer, and shall accurately show locations of all trees whose driplines are within the foundation plan of all proposed structures.

  2. If the cutting is for view purposes, photographs showing the view impairment created by the tree must be included.

  3. A written commentary must address each of the following items:

    1. If the application is for removal:

      1. An explanation of the reasons for removal, and an economic value of the tree as measured by I.S.A. methods. 2) Any dangers which may result by the continued existence of the tree if not removed. 3) Any effects of the removal on neighboring vegetation. 4) Any loss of soil stability that may occur if the tree is removed, and the advisability of stump or root removal. 5) Any suggestions for replacement planting.

    2. If the application is for alteration:

      1. An explanation of the reasons for alteration.
      2. Any dangers which may result by continued existence of the tree if no alteration is done.
      3. The structural or health effects on the tree which would result from the proposed alteration.
      4. Any effects of the proposed alteration on neighboring vegetation.
      5. If the proposed alteration is for view purposes, an estimate of the frequency and future cost to sustain the desired view.
      6. Description and cost of the proposed alterations.
      7. Any suggestions for improving the health of the tree, such as improving root or soil conditions beneath the tree.
Last updated: 5/18/2007 10:31:57 AM