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Subdivision & Condominium Application Submittal Requirements

Subdivision of Land and Airspace (Condominiums)

  1. Application fees (Checks made payable to City of Sausalito).

  2. Appropriate Application forms that must be signed by the property owner and project applicant:
    Development Project Application
    Zoning Permit application
    Condominium CUP application (if necessary)

  3. Nine (9) sets of the TENTATIVE MAP, of black or blue line on white stock, at 18" x 26" size of a scale not less than 1" = 100'

  4. The TENTATIVE MAP must be prepared by an authorized California licensed Civil Engineer or Land Surveyor showing parcel lines, location of all structures on site, distance of structures from parcel line at their closest point and site topographic contours at no less than five (5) foot intervals.

  5. The surveyor or engineer shall base all elevation datum for site contours on established City benchmark monuments.

  6. Maps MUST have the following information:
    a. The tract name, or other designation, date, north arrow and scale shall be included in the map title block.
    b. Names and addresses or owner of record and subdivider; name address and registration or license number of engineer or surveyor.
    c. The location, names and width of adjacent streets, roads, ways or highways.
    d. The location, names and width of all proposed streets, roads or ways.
    e. The location of existing and proposed sanitary sewers, including side sewers and storm sewers, fire hydrants, gas, water, power and telephone lines and other public utilities and the approximate width and location of all easements required for same.
    f. Approximate radii of all curves
    g. Dimensions of all lots
    h. Profiles drawn to scales so as to show clearly all details thereof shall accompany the tentative map and shall show center lines, ground and grade elevations, of all streets, ways, alleys, sanitary and storm sewers, gas and water lines, and other improvements in the subdivision.
    i. Typical cross sections of all streets, ways and alleys and details of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and other improvements shall accompany the Tentative Map and shall be of such scales as to show clearly all details thereof.

  7. Documents and/or Statements to accompany map submission.
    a. Existing use or uses of property, including the location of all existing structures to remain on the property(s).
    b. Floor plans of all existing structures on the property(s).
    c. Proposed uses of the property(s), with a statement of the representative portions of the total area of the subdivision represented by each, and an outline of proposed deed restrictions.
    d. Source, system connection outline, quality and approximate quantity of water supply of proposed system if serviced by well water.
    e. Water system connection outline of proposed system if serviced by MMWD.
    f. Provisions for sewage disposal, drainage, and flood control which are proposed.
    g. A statement from the City Health Officer as to whether in his opinion the proposed septic disposal system or method is adequate and will operate without creating a public or private nuisance.
    h. Proposed set-back lines for buildings
    i. Statement as to tree planting plan
    j. Statement of the improvements proposed to be made or installed and of the time at which such improvements are proposed to be made or completed. Preliminary plans and specifications showing in general the foregoing proposed improvements.
    k. Statement as to whether the subdivider intends to file a final map of the subdivision or a parcel map thereof.

  8. Supplemental Information for Condominium Projects
    The applicant is to submit a condominium map and a condominium plan to the Community Development Department. By separating the above documents, the property owners may amend the plan at a future date without amending the recorded map. The final condominium map is to be reviewed by the Engineering Division. The condominium plan is to be reviewed by the Planning Division.
    a. Condominium Plan - In addition to any requirements of the Subdivision Map Act, the condominium plan shall show:
    (1) An accurate location and description of all units.
    (2) An accurate designation of all areas (ie. common, restricted, parking, etc.)
    (3) Plan shall provide a space for the Community Development Director's signature prior to recordation.
    (4) Plan shall indicate, in accompanying text that will be recorded, that the plan satisfies any and all required conditions of the City resolution approving the subdivision.
    b. Condominium Map - In addition to any requirements of the Subdivision Map Act, the condominium map shall show:
    (1) Parcel boundaries.
    (2) The map shall show and describe any easements located on the subject site.
    (3) The map shall indicate the total parcel area. DO NOT show area of condominium units or common area.
    (4) The map shall make reference to the City resolution approving the Condominium with a note located on the map.
    (5) The map shall indicate, by note, the number of the condominium units being created and that common area is being created.
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