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Committee Members
Michael Rex - Chair
Paul Albritton
Don Olsen
Richard Hannum
Adam Krivatsy
Jacques Ullman
Lonner Ralston
Darryl leDoux
Joe Oronato
Peter Van Meter
Jeff Scharosch
Sue Currier
Chris Tellis

On July 11, 2009, the Harbor and Downtown Action Committee presented its final report and the following PowerPoint presentation to the City Council. No action was taken by the City Council at the conclusion of this meeting. 




Goal 1: Provide an active waterfront with more guest tie-ups.

Goal 2: Provide a place for people to gather.

Goal 3: Provide a continuous shoreline trail along the length of Sausalito's waterfront.

Goal 4: Provide resident-serving uses and activities.

Goal 5: Consider alternative parking, circulation & transportation options.

Goal 6: Improve Sausalito's local economy.



1. Four public workshops were held that explored, developed and reached consensus on many components of a broad vision for Downtown.

2. Drawings were prepared of the Downtown area illustrating the following improvements:

A. Expanding Gabrielson Park along the shore toward the Spinnaker Restaurant and to Bridgeway.

B. A public plaza in place of a portion of parking lot 1.

C. A second level parking deck over lot 3 to accommodate cars from parking lots 1 & 2.

D. New City revenue sources and opportunities for resident servicing uses by adding new retail shops in place of a portion of parking lot 2 and between parking lot 3 and Bridgeway.

E. Relocating the Sausalito Yacht Club to the south side of Sausalito Point (Spinnaker Pt.) to open up water views from the shore and the new plaza.

F. Two options for guest boat tie-up facilities; either a floating dock, pier or stone quay extending a short distance beyond the existing Ferry boarding facility, or a public harbor protected behind a stone quay, similar to the an earlier proposal by a separate group called SHIP, but in a more open manner that frames views of Angel Island and Raccoon Straits.

G. Incorporating portions of Vina Del Mar Park into the new plaza, thereby better linking Bridgeway to the Bay.

H. Extending the Madden Boardwalk to the south with a new pedestrian path.



Three community workshops were held by the Harbor and Downtown Committee at the Martin Luther King Gym during March, April, and May 2008, with more than forty Sausalito residents participating at each workshop. The community workshops focused on discussing ideas for the Downtown area (see aerial map below), and resulted in the development of two conceptual plans. A fourth community workshop was held on June 12, 2008 at City Hall to present the conceptual plans. To download the notes and drawings created from the workshops, see the links below.

Imagine Sausalito Harbor & Downtown Action Committee Brochure

Imagine Sausalito Harbor & Downtown Action Committee Final Report Goals

October 8, 2008 Committee Recommendations

June 12 2008 Community Workshop Flier

Downtown Aerial (used during workshops)

May 10, 2008 Community Workshop Notes

May 10, 2008 Conceptual Drawing - Park and Plaza Concept

May 10, 2008 Conceptual Drawing - Parking Concept

March 15, 2008 Workshop Drawings


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