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Sausalito Currents - April 18, 2014
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Posted Date: 4/18/2014 3:15 PM

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Effective April 15th, 2014, the following changes on El Portal and Tracy Way were implemented:

  • El Portal will became a two-way street with a cul-de-sac or turnaround at the waterside end
  • Some of the parking spaces along El Portal were posted NO PARKING ANY TIME
  • Passenger and commercial loading will be permitted in these spaces, but they must generally be kept clear to allow larger vehicles to make the turnaround without having to back
  • Other parking spaces on El Portal will be available for parking between 6 PM and 11 AM, but will become NO PARKING LOADING ZONE spaces between 11 AM and 6 PM

Motorists using El Portal to drop off and pick up passengers are asked to use Municipal Lot #1.

For questions about this project, please contact Jonathon Goldman, Director of Public Works, at 415-289-4176, or John Rohrbacher, Police Captain, at 415-289-4177



Check out what's happening at the April 22ndCity Council Meeting

  • On their Consent Calendar: 
    • lease amendment with Pippa Murray at 100 Ebbtide Avenue (4a)
    • Library Update (4b)
    • authorize continued membership for Trees and views Committee Member Bickford (4c)
    • Right of Entry and License Agreement for Sea Trek (Turney and Foot of Locust Streets) (4d)
    • autorize an agreement with the County of Marin for right-of-way services for the Sausalito Stairs Project (NMTP5098(011)) (4e)
  • Hear an update on State-mandated 2013 Annual Housing Element Progress Report and Implementation of the 2007-2014 Housing Element; also hear an status update on the 2015-2022 Housing Element project (5A) 
  • Hear the first step with the Council's Priority Calendar (6A)
  • Hear about the rejection of bids for the Municipal Fishing Pier Project (6B)  

To find out more about any of the items being presented to the City Council, click here to review the agenda and associated staff reports. Remember, you can also post an opinion on a specific agenda item by clicking on this link and scrolling down to that agenda item. Then simply click on the "comment" and type away in the text box and hit "submit". This enables the Council to see your comments prior to the Council meeting.



City Hall Parking Lot
The City Hall Parking Lot Repaving Project has been completed.  We appreciate everyone's patience during this most important project.  But now it is time for everyone to see the outcome of all the hard work.  Come on by and experience the new transition into the lot; see the new blue zone parking spaces, and see how sharp everything looks.  There is still a little bit of work to be completed - while the book drop is available, you will need to park your vehicle in order to deposit your books.  But this work should be completed soon. 



Library Speaker Series
Monday, April 21 - 7:00pm in the Council Chambers
An Evening with Deborah Grabien, author of the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

In their review of "Comfortably Numb", her latest JP Kinkaid Chronicle, Library Journal calls novelist Deborah Grabien "a master of the rock and roll narrative." Grabien brings a long personal history and bone-deep familiarity with both the Bay Area and rock and roll at its highest level to her critically acclaimed series, the JP Kinkaid Chronicles. The Chronicles weave many of the author's own experiences into the fictional world of their narrator, ex-pat superstar guitarist JP Kinkaid, as he comes to terms with coming of age in the rarified world of top level rock and roll success.

Like her narrator, Grabien also lives with the reality of worsening multiple sclerosis. That, too, forms an integral part of the Chronicles' foundations. Come for conversation, reminiscence, and bring your questions.

You can find out more about Deborah on her website:



34th Annual Spring Easter Egg Hunt  -  Saturday, April 19 from 10:00 am to 12 noon  -  Dunphy Park

It that time when the Easter Bunny will be hopping into Sausalito and getting ready for an egg-citing time!  The Easter Bunny is preparing to lead the Easter Parade and hopes you will be joining in.  The parade will begin at the corner of Johnson and Caledonia Street, in front of the public safety buildings.  We will then march to Dunphy Park for an Easter Egg hunt, followed by an Easter Bonnet Contest (judged by members of the Sausalito Woman’s Club) and a free concert by children’s musician Tim Cain.  So put on your bright smiles, your craziest, creative and most beautiful Easter bonnets, and we’ll see you rain or shine.  There will also be face painting sponsored by urbansitters.

The Parks and Recreation Department is looking for a Bocce League Referee
Shifts are Friday (for Spring/Fall League) & Monday (for Summer League) Nights, beginning at 4:30pm ending at 7:30pm to 8:30pm (depending on available daylight) + Saturday & Sunday mornings are reserved for any rain cancelations. Championship Games are scheduled once a season and are scheduled for the final date of the season.

Spring League is scheduled March 14 – May 17
Summer League is scheduled June 2 – July 26
Fall League is scheduled September 5 – October 25

Bocce Ball is a simple bowling type game involving two teams competing to roll closest to an object ball. A bocce referee is responsible for telling the teams what the current point is, which team is responsible for rolling, keeping track of the 40 minute game time and keeping score of the match. Prior to games beginning, referees are responsible for grooming the courts with a drag bar and setting out trash cans near the courts. At the end of league play, referees are responsible for locking the parking access chain and hauling accumulated trash to a city dumpster.

Requirements of the position: You must be able to visually discern distance and take simple measurements using a tape measure, relay game information clearly, stand for the entire shift, walk from each side of the court, lift and carry 25lbs.

We have two to four open positions, we’ll teach you the fun game of Bocce, so there’s no experience in the game necessary - and it is something you get paid to do. Starting at $10/hr

If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact Jeff Dybdal Recreation Supervisor phone 415.289.4140 e-mail



Are you interested in the Housing Element Update?
Read this for information on the update including a Fact Sheet and Question and Answer flyer.
Sausalito adopted an updated Housing Element in October 2012 which covers the years 2009-2014. This Housing Element was certified by the State of California, Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in November of 2012 as being in compliance with Housing Element Law. The City of Sausalito is in the process of updating the Housing Element for the years 2015-2023. The City’s deadline to adopt a revised Housing Element is January 31, 2015. HCD will only certify the 2015-2023 Housing Element if the City implements— or puts in place— certain programs which were committed to in the most recently adopted 2009-2014 Housing Element. Specifically:

  • Reasonable Accommodations (e.g., allowing a ramp in a setback to allow access to an entry door for a wheelchair-bound resident)
  • Transitional and Supportive Housing (i.e., California cities are required to regulate transitional and supportive housing as a residential use and allow “single room occupancy” facilities as a commercial use)
  •  Density Bonuses (i.e., all California cities are required to grant density bonuses for new projects of five or more units ranging from 5% to 35% depending on the affordability provided when requested by a project sponsor.The City is amending its Density Bonus ordinance to reflect changes in State law.)
  • Emergency Shelter (i.e., all California cities are required by the State to identify a Zoning District where emergency homeless shelters are a use that is permitted by right)
  • The Vertical Mixed Use (VMU) program (i.e., the City committed in the adopted Housing Element to requiring any upper level construction in the City’s commercial districts (CC, CR, CN-1) to be limited to residential use only, with a minimum of one affordable unit)
  • The Horizontal Mixed Use (HMU) program (i.e., the City committed in the adopted Housing Element to creating an overlay zone where properties in the CN-1 Zoning District could utilize the ground floor level of buildings for residential use in exchange for providing a percentage of affordable units and three-bedroom units).

These programs must be put in place prior to adopting an updated Housing Element for the years 2015-2023. If the City does not update the Housing Element by the specified timeframe the City will not be in compliance with Housing Element law. It is anticipated that the Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday, May 21st beginning at 6:30pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall (420 Litho Street) on adoption of the programs above.

Are you curious about the “Horizontal Mixed Use”—or “HMU”— program? This program was committed to in the Housing Element adopted in October 2012 in order to address HCD’s requirement that the City show that we have adequate sites for large households. The HMU program allows the sites at 1901 Bridgeway (the 7-Eleven commercial building at Bridgeway and Easterby) and 2015 Bridgeway (the three-story office building at Bridgeway and Olive) to utilize the ground floor of a building on the site for residential use, where today’s regulations only allow commercial use on the ground floor and residential use on the upper floor(s). The only zoning change described in the HMU program is to allow the ground floor to be used for residential use, if desired by the property owner. In exchange for allowing the ground floor to be used for residential use, the property owner would be required to make 50% of the units affordable and 30% of the units three-bedroom units to accommodate large households. The concern identified by the community is regarding the potential impacts to the neighborhood if a property owner were to combine the HMU program and the Density Bonus Law (a California State Law). The City has prepared a fact sheet  to provide additional information and encourage further dialogue on these important issues.

The City of Sausalito hosted a Community Workshop on March 15th on the Implementation of programs in the adopted 2009-2014 Housing Element and update of the Housing Element for the 2015-2023 cycle. The workshop was recorded: if you missed it there is an opportunity to watch what happened! Click here and scroll down to the March 13 video link to view the full recording of the entire workshop. Click here for answers to questions asked at the community workshop.

For more information on the implementation and update program visit our Housing Element Update webpage or contact Lilly Schinsing at  Lilly maintains a Housing Element notification list and will send out email updates to interested community members who join the email list—just email her and she will make sure you are added.  The next meeting related to the implementation of programs in the 2009-2014 Housing Element and update of the Housing Element for the 2015-2023 cycle will be an update to the City Council (for information only) on Tuesday, April 22 beginning at 7pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall (420 Litho Street). If you have comments on the implementation of Housing Element programs or Housing Element update please submit a letter or email or participate in person by attend the meeting.



Valhalla Residential Condominiums
The Community Development Department has released the Valhalla Residential Condominiums Initial Environmental Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration for public review and comment. The study analyzes the potential impacts caused by the Valhalla Residential Condominium project and identifies various measures to mitigate these impacts.

Project Description. The project would redevelop the former Valhalla site and building at 201 Bridgeway by renovating and re-configuring the Valhalla structure to accommodate seven residential condominium units. The project would also maintain the existing single-family residence located at 206 Second Street. In total, the project would add approximately 600 square feet of new floor area to the existing 9,290 square feet of building space on the Valhalla property, for a total of 9,900 square feet of floor area. Additionally, approximately 570 square feet of floor area would be removed from the existing 2,018 single-family residence at 206 Second Street. The project requires approval of the following discretionary actions by the City:

General Plan Map Amendment. To change the site’s land use designation from Neighborhood Commercial to High Density Residential.

Zoning Map Amendment. To change the site’s zoning designation from Neighborhood Commercial (CN-1) to Multi-Family (R-3) to allow residential Use on the ground floor. Amend the Zoning Map to add a Planned Development (PD) Overlay District.

Planned Development Permit. Allow for master planning of the site and flexibility in the application of the City’s development standards in some areas of the project.

Tentative Subdivision Map. To create seven residential condominiums, common areas, and a separate parcel for the existing single family residence at 206 Second Street.

Design Review Permit. For demolition, renovation, and restoration of the portions of the existing Valhalla building for residential units, and the construction of a new two-story condominium duplex.

Condominium Conversion Permit. For conversion of the existing Valhalla building into residential condominiums.

The Planning Commission will take public comments on the Initial Environmental Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration at 6:30 p.m. on April 16, 2014, April 30, 2014 and May 14, 2014. All meetings will be held in the City of Sausalito Council Chambers, 420 Litho Street, Sausalito.

The draft Initial Environmental Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration is available for viewing at the City of Sausalito Community Development Department (open from 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday, 7:30 P.M to 5:00 P.M. Tuesday through Thursday, and 7:30 A.M to noon on Fridays) and the City of Sausalito Library (open every day) located in City Hall, 420 Litho Street, Sausalito and on the City’s website at The project plans are available for viewing at the Community Development Department. For questions regarding the project or to review a copy of the draft Initial Environmental Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration please contact Community Development Director Jeremy Graves, AICP at (415) 289-4133. Staff reports will be available on the City’s website on the Friday preceding the Planning Commission meetings. Any written comments on the project must be received by the Planning Commission prior to the close of the public review period noted above.


(subject to cancellation)


Apr 21 7:00 pm  Sausalito Library Speaker Series  see above
Apr 22  7:00 pm  Sausalito City Council Meeting  Council Chambers
Apr 23 9:40 & 10:40  StoryTime for Toddlers  Council Chambers
Apr 23   6:30 pm  Woman's Club Annual Poetry Night  see below
Apr 23 7:00 pm  Southern Marin Fire Protection Dist. Board Mtg  308 Reed Blvd., MV
Apr 24 3:30 pm StoryTime with Phil Council Chambers 



In honor of National Poetry Month, the Sausalito Woman’s Club will celebrate its annual Poetry Night at the clubhouse, 120 Central Avenue, on Wednesday, April 23 from 6:30-9:00 P.M.  The poetry readings this year will honor Marin poets and will, as always, feature poems that explore the wide and varied spectrum of human experience.

No-host champagne and hors d’oeuvres will be served until 7 PM, when the gala evening of poetry will commence with readings by Woman’s Club members, poets, and invited guests. An open reading will then follow, with attendees encouraged to bring favorite poems of their own, or written by other poets, to share with the always enthusiastic audience.

The event is open to the public, free of charge. Call 332-4179, or 383-5037 for further information.


Marin Host Families Sought for Japanese Teenagers this Summer
The Sausalito Sakaide Sister City Program is seeking families from Marin County who are interested in being host families for Japanese teenagers (aged 15 through 17 years), from July 24th through August 3rd, 2014.

This year’s student delegation from the City of Sakaide, Japan, will continue the tradition, now in its 26th year, of a cultural and educational exchange between the Cities of Sausalito and Sakaide. Every alternate summer students from Marin County have travelled to Sakaide, Japan and in the intervening years, students from the City of Sakaide have come to Marin County. During their 10-day stay, students are treated to a wide variety of experiences and activities, teaching them about life in the respective countries and making life-long connections and friends.

Anyone with a spare or shared bedroom can be a host family. Having children of any age in the home is always a plus, though not required. Japanese language skills are not necessary, as the students generally have a basic grasp of English. The primary responsibilities and expectations of a host family are transportation to and from Sausalito’s City Hall each day, provision of breakfast and dinner with the family, participation in the welcome and farewell parties and in the host families’ pot luck, and at least one full family day with the host student that illustrates our bay area family life. In addition, host families can participate in some of the program activities with the delegation should they choose to. If the past is any indicator, students become a part of their host family’s lives forever; both the students and host families cherish the memory of this experience.

For further information and for an application to be a host family, please contact EV Gilbreath at: or call her at: 415 332-2282.


For the 13th year, the Sausalito Art Festival Foundation (SAFF) will be granting art scholarships to Bay Area students. A total of $20,000 in scholarship funding will be awarded to a minimum of four students who are graduating high school seniors or currently enrolled in college.

In addition to the supporting documents required (transcripts, proof of enrollment, etc.) candidates will be asked to submit two written essays, including one on “How art has affected my life”. Ann Arnott, SAFF board member who chairs the scholarship committee said: “We’re looking for students with financial need, but also those who are inspired by art and have a vision of what it can do for others.” For applications, eligibility requirements and other details go to, call 415.332.3555, or email
Applications are due May 16th and will be evaluated by the SAFF Scholarship Committee. Winners will be notified June 6st.

The SAFF Scholarship Program supports the mission of the Sausalito Art Festival Foundation which is to encourage, promote and support the arts within the community. Funding for the scholarships is provided by proceeds from the Art Festival Gala and Silent Auction. Over $150,000 in scholarships has been gifted in the past 13 years and numerous recipients have gone on to have successful careers in art thanks to this valuable educational support.



from your Tree Committee:

How to Plant a Tree for a Healthy Start
If you're excited about getting some trees in the ground, here's how to start them off right 

            • Plant in early spring or early fall to avoid heat stress. 
            • Dig a hole in good soil that's twice as wide as the root ball's diameter and about 2 inches shallower than the root ball's depth. 
            • Stake trees unable to stand on their own, setting supports on the trunk as low as possible to keep the trunk upright. 
            • Create a berm of loose soil around the outer edge of the planting hole to retain and direct water to the root ball. Water consistently until tree is established. 
            • After planting, mulch to suppress weed growth around the tree. Keep mulch several inches away from the trunk itself to avoid disease problems.


from your Disaster Preparedness Committee

Preparing for and responding to a disaster begins with first preparing yourself and your family. However, there are limits to what an individual or family can do. When a large disaster strikes and the City of Sausalito’s emergency services workers are overwhelmed by calls for service, the first people you will turn to for help will be your neighbors. It is of vital importance that you build good relationships with your neighbors and help each other prepare before a disaster strikes. Here are some hints to help guide you and you neighbors in your preparedness efforts: 
            1) Introduce yourself and get to know your neighbors individually. 
            2) Set up a meeting with your neighbors to discuss the importance of working together to prepare for emergencies. 
            3) Share information with your neighbors such as earthquake preparedness tips and recommended supply lists, 
            4) Discuss and develop emergency plans with your neighbors for meeting places, methods of communication, and ways to work together in the event of a disaster. Share resource ideas for food storage items, water, first aid kits, and 72-Hour portable emergency kits. If your neighbors are willing to share personal information, collect and distribute a list with your names, addresses, phone numbers and any special needs. If possible, inventory and include on this list the skills and equipment of neighbors that could be useful in an emergency (e.g. those with medical training, those with experience regarding electrical systems, and those who own chain saws, axes, crow bars, ropes, water purifiers etc.). 
            5) Encourage your neighbors to join you in obtaining emergency training such as CPR, First Aid or Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. You and your neighbors can obtain such training from organizations such as the Red Cross and the Southern Marin Fire Protection District.

The City of Sausalito and the Disaster Preparedness Committee encourages neighbors to work together in order to prepare for disasters. The City of Sausalito’s Emergency Services Manager is available to meet with you and your neighbors to discuss the importance of disaster preparation and give advice during your organizational efforts. We further encourage you to obtain information from the following websites in order to better help you prepare:

City of Sausalito: Emergency Preparedness
Southern Marin Fire Protection District
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Wouldn’t you be more at ease by knowing that you and your neighbors have a shared plan to guide your actions and are familiar with each other’s needs and properties so you can assist each other during times of disasters or emergencies? By working together with your neighbors, you will be able to make your, your families, and your neighborhoods response to a disaster a safer and more organized one.