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Sausalito Currents - July 18, 2014
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Posted Date: 7/18/2014 2:15 PM

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Check out what's happening at the July 22nd City Council Meeting

  • On the Consent Calendar you can find: 
    • the Librarian's quarterly update to Council (4A)
    • adoption of the Bicycle Parking Ordinance (4B)
    • Adoption of the Emergency Shelter Overlay Zone, and allowing for transitional and single room occupancy units in the CC, CR and CN-1 Districts Ordinance (4C)
    • Adoption of the Vertical Use within the CC, CR, and CN-1 Districts Ordinance (4D)
    • an update on the Official and Guide Signage Pilot Project (4E)
    • meeting notes from the July 16 Finance Committee meeting (4F)
    • a resolution accepting title to the MLK School Site, and authorizing the final $1 payment to the School District (4G)
  • See a presentation from Sausalito Beautiful and SWA on the grounds beautification proposal for City Hall (6A)
  • Consideration of a resolution to place a one-half cent Transactions and Use (sales) Tax on the November 4, 2014 ballot (6B)

To find out more about any of the items being presented to the City Council, click here to review the agenda and associated staff reports. Remember, you can also post an opinion on a specific agenda item by clicking on this link and scrolling down to that agenda item. Then simply click on the "comment" and type away in the text box.  Remember to "submit" to post your comment. This new feature allows the Council to see your comments at the any time prior to the meeting.



Parks and Recreation Kids Classes and Camps
To register phone 415.289.4152

Skyhawks Baseball
Introductory baseball skills class, designed to give children a positive first step into athletics. Participants learn balance, body movement, coordination and skill development through a series of Baseball sports-specific games tailored to their attention spans. Skyhawks trained coaching staff provide supportive and encouraging coaching to lead children through a progressive curriculum that allows children to develop at their own pace in a fun and safe environment.

Meets Tuesday/Thursday at MLK baseball diamond through August 7th
Age 3.5-5 4:30-5:15pm
Age 5-7 5:30-6:15pm
(currently in session, call 415.289.4152 to register)

Rebound Basketball Academy
RBA is an excellent educational program for children promoting sports activities. The basketball camp for Kindergarten through 2nd grade focuses on developing sports skills, improving self-esteem and developing fair play while teaching basketball fundamentals such as dribbling, passing and shooting. 3rd through 5th grade campers focus on sport skill development, participation and teamwork. Classes will emphasize the fundamentals of basketball on offense and defense. Fun games will be played towards the end of each day.

July 21-25: Meets Monday-Friday at MLK Basketball Courts 9am-Noon
Ages: Leaving K through Entering 5th Grade

Skateboard Academy
Offering classroom sessions and live practice to develop skateboarding skills and techniques safely. In the classroom students learn the history of skateboarding and will get a focused perspective on the variety of careers in the skateboard industry. On the skate-ramp, students learn how to ride safely and have fun developing their skills with 4141Corp professional coaching staff providing encouragement and pointers.

July 28-August 1: Meets Monday-Friday at MLK Parking Lot (temporary skate ramp structure) & Gymnasium 9am-Noon
Ages: 7-11 years

Under The Sea: A 3D Art Adventure
Embark upon an imaginary journey beneath the sea. As we travel deeper below the surface, what will happen to our light source? Will this have an effect on the diversity of sea life? Under the deep blue waters, are things really as they appear, or are there illusions surrounding us?

Join us as we have some fun creating our own unique under the sea art adventure diorama, and learn some mighty interesting facts along the way.

Bring $4 for the instructor as a separately collected Materials Fee to this class.

August 16: Meets 10:30-11:45am in the Game Room at City Hall
Ages 5-8 years



The Summer Reading Program has started and there's a ton going on in the children’s department.  READ on:

Up, Up and Away! Summer Reading at the Sausalito Public Library
Take flight this summer at the Sausalito Public Library as we celebrate reading and imagination.
Between Saturday, June 14, and Saturday, August 9, kids 12 and under are invited to join our flight crew for a summer of great performances and programs, and our annual Reading Challenge.

June 14 through August 9
All kids 12 and under are eligible for the Reading Challenge—whether they’re reading to themselves or listening to stories read aloud. Reading Challenge participants sign up at the Sausalito Library and then visit the Library after every three hours of reading until they have read for 12 hours. Children get a prize after each visit. Children who read for 12 hours between June 14 and August 9 complete the challenge, get a free book, and are entered into a lottery for gift certificates, special prizes and more.

Tuesday, July 22  -  3:30 pm
The Bubble Lady
This show really pops! It’s crazy, zany, and tons of fun. A Sausalito favorite. ALL AGES

Wednesday, July 23 -  9:40 and 10:40 am
Toddler Story Time
Join Molly for stories and songs! Perfect for children ages 3 and younger, and their caregivers.

Wednesday, July 23 - 3:30 pm
Piccolo Puppet Players
Slapstick humor, ridiculous antics and audience participation: join us for a traditional Punch and Judy show. ALL AGES

Thursday, July 24  -  11:00 am
Littles with Molly
Join us for stories, songs, finger plays, and fun. We'll read books about birds, clouds, flying, and other topics from the wide blue sky, and do a special activity. For children entering Kindergarten in the fall or younger

Thursday, July 24 - 4:00 pm
Young Writer’s Club
Join the Young Writer’s Club! We meet every Thursday, but you don’t need to come every week. Come when you can. Every week we’ll do something different. Ages 8-10



City Working to Address Essential Services Needs
A recent community survey found that residents want to maintain and improve essential City services and address critical infrastructure needs. While the Sausalito City Council recently adopted a balanced budget, the current budget does not have the funds necessary to address many resident priorities.

For example, Sausalito’s storm drains are 80 years old and many are completely deteriorated and rusted through. This allows pollutants, garbage and plastics to spill over into the Bay.  By investing in vital storm drain upgrades, we can protect water quality and avoid expensive fines and harming the environment and Richardson Bay.

Additionally, many of Sausalito’s neighborhood streets and roads are not only deteriorating and riddled with cracks, but are also on steep hillsides. While the City has made major improvements to a number of streets, it has not been able to address the concrete streets that are in the worst condition, which cost up to five times as much to fix.

The City’s broken and potentially unsafe sidewalks also need fixing, and we need to upgrade and improve deteriorating local parks. The City is unable to address these and other critical needs while continuing to maintain landscaping, tree trimming, library services, public safety and other essential City services.

With Sacramento money grabs continually threatening funding for local services, the City needs a guaranteed source of local funding that cannot be taken by Sacramento. A potential local sales tax measure is being considered to address these and other essential services needs.

With tens of thousands of tourists coming to Sausalito each year to shop, a sales tax measure would ensure that out-of-towners pay their fair share for the strain they place on our local services. Sales tax is not applied to food purchased as groceries or prescription medication, including prescription medications delivered through the mail, which would limit the impact on Sausalito residents.

To learn more about these issues, please call Administrative Services Director Charlie Francis at (415) 289-4105 or visit our website

(subject to cancellation)


July 22
 3:30 pm
 Children's Library Event - Bubble Lady
 see above
July 22
 7:00 pm
 City Council Meeting
 Council Chambers
July 23
9:40 & 10:40
 StoryTime for Toddlers  Council Chambers
July 23
3:30 pm
 Children's Library Event - Piccolo Puppet Players
 (see above)
July 23
6:30 pm
 Marinship Specific Plan Steering Committee Meeting
 Council Chambers
July 24
 11:00 am
 Children's Library Event - Littles with Molly
 (see above)
July 17
4:30 pm  Young Writer’s Club  (see above)




The 2014 Sausalito Art Festival American Icon Art Competition invites artists of every caliber throughout the world, to express their vision of America using their mobile device.

The competition requires you to photograph an image that represents your individual idea of what an American icon is. Is your vision a ’65 Mustang Convertible or the Golden Gate Bridge? Is it Steve Jobs or Mount Rushmore? Is it Beyonce, a buffalo on the range, or a NYC fireman? What is your American Icon?

The competition gives artists of all levels the unique platform to express their vision of America. It is up to the artist to choose an image(s) that in their minds is iconic of America based on their personal experiences, upbringing and beliefs. There’s only one caveat: your American Icon image must be captured on a mobile device.Which means almost everyone in the world, professional, amateur, student,or social networking mavens can participate. It’s that simple.

The mission of the Sausalito Art Festival’s American Icon Art Competition is to foster through art, the personal expression of iconic American imagery, from people of all artistic skill levels and backgrounds. It’s an opportunity for all artists, both professional and amateur to be part of the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival.

There are two ways to enter:
• If you think you have a creative winning image, you may enter the competition for $9.99 for the first image and $0.99each for up to 2 additional images and compete for cash awards and deserved recognition. Whether you are a professional or amateur, you will be part of the digital American Icon exhibit at the Sausalito Art Festival. Simply submit your image at

The images entered into the official competition will be judged by an esteemed panel of artists and other professionals for creative, thought provoking, contemporary and historical significance, as well as artistic and creative merit.

• Just want to share your iconic images and inspirations? Share them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MyAmericanIcon and be part of the “People’s Pick” competition; get the most ”likes”and win a VIP festival experience. Or, we encourage you to visit to upload your images for the People’s Pick Contest.

Winning images will also earn a coveted place in the innovative American Icon multi-media, digital exhibition at the Sausalito Art Festival, Labor Day Weekend, August 30-September 1. Winners will also be awarded a VIP Festival experience and swag bag. Winners will be announced in mid-August.

There are a few guidelines (major manipulation of images is not allowed) but for more information, competition guidelines and to submit images, go to

About the Exhibition and Competition
Inaugurated as part of the 60th anniversary of the Sausalito Art Festival in 2012, the competition was conceived as a way to welcome artists of all skill levels to exhibit at the festival, unrestricted by geography and focusing on a different theme every year that celebrates one of the world’s most recognized icons. Last year, that icon was the American Flag; in 2012 it was the Golden Gate Bridge.

Every work of art submitted to the American Icon Art Competition will be included in the presentation video at the SAF as well as on the American Icon website,, enabling those who cannot attend the Sausalito Art Festival and American Art Icon Exhibition to see all of the images.

The exhibition will be on display in a dedicated exhibit venue on the festival site at Marinship Park along the Sausalito waterfront, presented on a large-format screen as a high-definition video with a special dedicated sound score. The entire American Icon show – from digital submissions to digital exhibit, makes the competition very global and very green; there is no shipping, no travel, no fossil fuel expended.



From your Trees and Views Committee


Looking for a small to medium-size tree that doesn’t need much water? Among other choices, consider one of the unthirsty beauties listed below – but remember that all trees need regular irrigation the first year after planting in order to get their roots established.

AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE (Leptospermum laevigatum)
AUSTRALIAN WILLOW (Geijera parviflora)
BRISBANE BOX (Lophostemon confertus)
BRONZE LOQUAT (Eriobotrya deflexa)
DR. HURD MANZANITA (Arctostaphylos manzanita ‘Dr. Hurd’)
FRUITLESS OLIVE (Olea europea, fruitless types)
PALMS (some)
PEPPERMINT TREE (Agonis flexuosa)
PERSIAN PARROTIA (Parrotia persica)
TEXAS OLIVE (Cordia boissieri)
TOYON (Heteromeles arbutifolia)
WESTERN REDBUD (Cercis occidentalis)


From your Age Friendly Task Force

This Month’s Tip -- Stimulating the Mind and Staying Fit

Scientists are in accord that regular and enjoyable efforts to stimulate your mind and stay fit are critical to maintaining brain health. As can be seen from this (incomplete) list, there is no shortage of opportunities to achieve this goal in Sausalito.

The Sausalito Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of programs, ranging, by way of example, from painting and singing to tennis, tai chi, and yoga. All classes are listed in Sausalito and its Community, published quarterly by the Sausalito Parks and Recreation Department and delivered to every household in Sausalito.You can also download the current issue of the magazine at or pick up a copy in City Hall, either outside of the library or downstairs in City Hall in the Parks and Recreation Department Office.

The Sausalito Library is far more than a place to check out a book. Card holders can check out movie cds and pre-loaded Kindles, settle into a comfortable chair and read a newspaper or magazine, try out new technology in the library’s electronic “petting zoo.” or look at the latest exhibit of work by Sausalito artists. The library also runs a popular speaker series and sponsors docent lectures about upcoming Bay Area museum exhibits. During August, they will be offering a Summer Movie Series. You can start learning a new language with Mango Languages, the library’s online language learning program. And ask about the popular online program, Discover and Go, which allows library cardholders to print out passes from home for several local museums. Just outside the library you will find shelves with flyers announcing a variety of other programs and classes in the community. If you are unable to get to the library, check out the library’s Homebound Delivery Program at or give a call to Augie at 415-289-4121, ext.501.

The Sausalito Historical Society collectionsare housedin the Phil Frank History and Research Room and the Exhibit Room on the third floor of City Hall, which are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10-1 or by appointment: 415-289-4117. Docents are available to show you around and help you research any questions you may have about Sausalito history. The Historical Society also has a regular schedule of programs and events that are publicized in the Sausalito Currents and are usually also listed in the Sausalito Village Update (see below).

Sausalito Village ( offers a growing schedule of programs, classes and events. Many of these programs, including weekly bocce (during good weather), a weekly stroll along the waterfront, monthly sing-alongs, and monthly meetings featuring speakers on a variety of topics. are open, without charge, to the entire community. Sausalito Village programs are listed in the Sausalito Village Update, which comes out every other Thursday. To be put on the mailing list and receive regular copies of the Update, send an email to .


From your Disaster Preparedness Committee


Being able to communicate can make the difference in an emergency.  Here are some communication tips that can make a difference for you:

  •   Maintain a list of emergency phone numbers – police, fire, and rescue agencies; power companies; insurance providers; family, friends and co-workers; etc. – and program them into your in your cell phone for easy dialing.
  • Distribute wireless phone numbers to family members and friends.
  • Know how to use call forwarding at home. If you have to evacuate, forward home calls to your cell phone.
  • Keep a charged spare battery for your cell phone and other electronic devices.
  • Limit non-emergency calls to conserve battery power and free-up wireless networks for emergency agencies and operations.
  • Consider using text messages to communicate. Often text messages get through when wireless networks are overtaxed during a crisis
  • Keep a phone charger in your vehicle.
  • Understand your cell phone’s capabilities: email, weather updates, news reports and more can all make a difference.
  • Keep phones, laptops, PDAs, batteries, chargers and other equipment in a dry, accessible location. It is a good idea to keep them in a sealable, plastic bag.
  • Check weather and news reports available through many Internet-connected wireless phones, and through other wireless phone applications, when power is out.