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Sausalito Currents - December 13, 2013
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Posted Date: 12/13/2013 3:45 PM

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Of special note:
City Hall Offices
will be closed from December 23 through January 5
The Library  will be closed only on December 23 through 25 and again on December 30 through January 1



Bridgeway Median Strips

On, or around, December 18, the Bridgeway Median Strips will begin receiving some very special and needed attention. The City of Sausalito has contracted the services of Cagwin and Dorward Landscape Contractors to provide dedicated landscaping services for our medians along Bridgeway. It has been several years since the medians have received this type of TLC. This work will take place between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm. And for the safety of those working in the medians, traffic control measures will be put into place, which may cause some minor delays along Bridgeway.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Loren Umbertis of the Department of Public Works at 415-289-4113.

Viña del Mar Accessibility Project continues. Just a friendly reminder that this is taking place and that the Project will remove the existing raised concrete and brick landing, steps and handrails and replace them with an at-grade scored and colored concrete surface; remove and replace the existing asphalt paving along the easterly side of the landing with a 10’ wide scored and colored concrete surface extending to the existing fountain; remove and replace the existing brick and concrete sidewalk fronting the landing along Bridgeway and replace it with seeded aggregate concrete sidewalk. Curb ramps will also be changed in this area. 

The project will take approximately eight weeks to complete.



It's a Christmas Tree Lot in Dunphy Park
Please come down to Dunphy Park to look for your Christmas Tree this Holiday Season.  There will be the traditional Douglas Fir, Noble Fir and Grand Fir trees to choose among.  Partial proceeds of all tree sales are being donated to help fund the Robin Sweeny Park renovation project.  Get your tree and help us raise money for this important project. 

Businesses can even make arrangements for pre-orders.  Flocking is also available.  If you have any questions, contact Jeremy Williams or call 415.377.9678.

The tree lot will be open from November 29th through December 24th from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (seven days a week).



Upcoming Preview of Community Programs
Monday, December 16 - 7:00pm, Council Chambers - Free
Join us for a sneak peek at the fun and educational programs offered through Sausalito Parks and Recreation starting in January 2014. Highlights include the Latirmerlo Studio that offers private singing lessons and choral groups for kids and adults, author and master hypnotist A.T. Lynne to amaze you with simple and easy ways to retrain your brain and physical therapist and yoga instructor Lisa Bollheimer Minn with practical advice on physical activity and conditioning as you age. More information about how to register for classes can be found online:

Sausalito Library Seeking Volunteer Book Club Facilitator
We are seeking an enthusiastic volunteer with a little time on their hands to commit to a monthly book discussion group that will supplement our popular (and filled to capacity) "Lesser Known Novels." Theme, content and scheduling are flexible. Staff will arrange for space in City Hall during open hours, develop promotional materials and provide assistance to the right candidate. Prior book club experience not required but group facilitation, creativity and critical thinking skills are a plus. Ideal for active retirees.

If facilitating a fun and engaging program for our community is meant for you, please contact Assistant City Librarian Augie Webb at 415-289-4121 (or by email: to discuss the possibilities.



The Marin Commission on Aging is holding a presentation on Thursday, December 12, 2013 at The Redwoods at 40 Camino Alto, Mill Valley from 10:00am-11:00am. This is open to the public.

Be Wise: Prevent Fraud Scams & Identity Theft
Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. with more than 12 million victims each year. Just being careful isn’t enough to protect your personal information. If you are serious about taking steps to protect yourself from being a victim, this forum is for you.

By attending this presentation, participants will learn:
What information should NEVER be disclosed over the telephone What you can do to avoid scams, fraud and identity theft, and why it’s okay to hang up on telemarketers.

Presenters include:
R. Oak Dowling: Retired with 43 years of experience practicing law in the areas of elder law, estate planning and conservatorships

Roberta Robinson: Retired Vice President and Manager, Bank of America Both presenters are members of the Marin County Financial Abuse Specialist Team


Age-Friendly Sausalito Questionnaire Deadline December 31

We have had a wonderful response to the Age-Friendly Sausalito questionnaire and look forward to sharing the results with you in late winter. If we did not reach you by mail, please take a moment and complete the questionnaire during the next two weeks at this link:

If you prefer to fill out a paper survey, you can do so at the Sausalito Library and Police Station. If you would like to have one mailed to you, please send an email to

Read more about the Age-Friendly Sausalito Task Force at

(subject to cancellation)

 Nov 29 - Dec 24  9 am - 9 pm  Christmas Tree Lot Open  Dunphy Park (see above)
 Dec 13-15    Winterfest in Sausalito  (see below)
 Dec 15  10:00 am  Farmers Market  Dunphy Park
 Dec 18  9:00am  Finance Committee Meeting  Council Chambers
 Dec 18  9:40 am  Toddler Story Time  Council Chambers
 Dec 18  6:30 pm  Planning Commission Meeting   Council Chambers
 Dec 18  7:00 pm  Classic Board Games for Agults  Library Reading Room
 Dec 19  3:45 pm  Storytime with Phil  Council Chambers
 Dec 22  10:00 am  Farmers Market  Dunphy Park




Being held in the "Big Tent" at the Sausalito Yacht Harbor in downtown Sausalito.  Events include:

Friday, December 13:  Naughty or Nice Ball from 6:30 - 11 pm - Food and wine tasting from over 26 local restaruants and wineries; silent auction and dancing.  Tickets can be obtained from

Saturday, December 14:  Kids Holiday Activities from 10 am - 2 pm - face and ornament painting, cooking decorating and art contest, kids entertainiment and photos with Mr. & Mrs. Claus.  Also on Saturday is the Holiday Fine Art & Craft Fair from 10 am - 5 pm (see the entry below for more information).  And the day finally concludes with the 26th Annual Lighted Boat Parade & Fireworks at 6:00 pm.  The tent opens at 5:00 pm for silent auctions, no host bar, DJ and Dancing.

Sunday, December 15:  The Holiday Fine Art & Craft Fair continues from 10-5pm

The Sausalito Art Festival Foundation (SAFF) in conjunction with Winterfest Sausalito is hosting a Holiday Fine Art & Craft Fair, December 14 & 15, along the waterfront in downtown Sausalito. The event, which features 30 local artisans, many of whom have exhibited at the Sausalito Art Festival, will be staged in the large Winterfest tent by the Spinnaker Restaurant, 10 AM – 5 PM each day.

A wide range of fine art and crafts will be available including jewelry, ceramics, photography, small paintings and prints, fiber art and glassware -- all geared and priced for holiday gift giving. Proceeds from the event will benefit the foundation’s community art programs, including Artists Teaching Art.

Admission to the event is free; premium wine, micro-brew beers, hot beverages and festive food will be available for sale.  For more information on the artists and event:



Tree Committee:

Tree Tip for December 2013
Considerations for Tree and Shrub Plantings

Tree and shrub selection can be critical to the beauty and value of your property. Thus, care in choosing with knowledge of a plant's characteristics, growth patterns, and siting will ensure years of beauty and enjoyment. Some general parameters may aid this process:

• Is your tree or shrub evergreen or deciduous; or, even an "undesirable" species as defined by Sausalito ordinance?
• Is the plant slow or fast growing (more than 3 feet of growth in one year)?
• Are you planting in a public right of way or utility easement?
• How will the planting affect your own or your neighbors' light and views in one, five or twenty years?
• What will be the annual costs of pruning and maintenance?
• Is the plant appropriate for Sausalito's coastal zone? What are its water and light needs?

The advice of a good plant specialist, nursery or arborist may prove invaluable. A perusal of Sausalito's Tree and View Ordinance may be highly instructive and informative. For more information, visit the web site  or contact Administrative Analyst Lilly Schinsing at or (415) 289-4134.


Disaster Committee

Emergency Planning
Immediately after an emergency, essential services may be cut-off and local disaster relief and government responders may not be able to reach you right away. Even if they could reach you, knowing what to do to protect yourself and your household is essential. This chapter describes how to prepare for any kind of disaster. It also provides specific information about emergency water and food, and a recommended disaster supply kit.

Creating a disaster plan
One of the most important steps you can take in preparing for emergencies is to develop a household disaster plan.

1. Learn about the natural disasters that could occur in your community from your local emergency management office or American Red Cross chapter. Learn whether hazardous materials are produced, stored or transported near your area. Learn about possible consequences of deliberate acts of terror. Ask how to prepare for each potential emergency and how to respond. For more information call 1-866-GET-INFO (that's 1-866-438-4636) or visit
2. Talk with employers and school officials about their emergency response plans.
3. Talk with your household about potential emergencies and how to respond to each. Talk about what you would need to do in an evacuation.
4. Plan how your household would stay in contact if you were separated. Identify two meeting places: the first should be near your home in case of fire, perhaps a tree or a telephone pole; the second should be away from your neighborhood in case you cannot return home.
5. Pick a friend or relative who lives out of the area for household members to call to say they are okay.
6. Draw a floor plan of your home. Mark two escape routes from each room.
7. Post emergency telephone numbers by telephones. Teach children how and when to call 911.
8. Make sure everyone in your household knows how and when to shut off water, gas, and electricity at the main switches. Consult with your local utilities if you have questions.
9. Take a first aid and CPR class. Local American Red Cross chapters can provide information. Official certification by the American Red Cross provides "Good Samaritan" law protection for those giving first aid.
10. Reduce the economic impact of disaster on your property and your household's health and financial well-being. 
       - Review property insurance policies before disaster strikes make sure policies are current and be certain they meet your needs (type of coverage, amount of coverage, and hazard covered flood, earthquake) 
       - Protect your household's financial well-being before a disaster strikes review life insurance policies and consider saving money in an "emergency" savings account that could be used in any crisis. It is advisable to keep a small amount of cash or traveler's checks at home in a safe place where you can quickly gain access to it in case of an evacuation. 
      - Be certain that health insurance policies are current and meet the needs of your household.
11. Consider ways to help neighbors who may need special assistance, such as the elderly or the disabled.

Emergency planning for people with special needs
If you have a disability or special need, you may have to take additional steps to protect yourself and your household in an emergency. If you know of friends or neighbors with special needs, help them with these extra precautions. Examples include:

• Hearing impaired may need to make special arrangements to receive a warning.
• Mobility impaired may need assistance in getting to a shelter.
• Households with a single working parent may need help from others both in planning for disasters and during an emergency.
• Non-English speaking people may need assistance planning for and responding to emergencies.
• Community and cultural groups may be able to help keep these populations informed.
• People without vehicles may need to make arrangements for transportation.
• People with special dietary needs should have an adequate emergency food supply.

1. Find out about special assistance that may be available in your community. Register with the office of emergency services or fire department for assistance, so needed help can be provided quickly in an emergency.
2. Create a network of neighbors, relatives, friends and co-workers to aid you in an emergency. Discuss your needs and make sure they know how to operate necessary equipment.
3. Discuss your needs with your employer.
4. If you are mobility impaired and live or work in a high-rise building, have an escape chair.
5. If you live in an apartment building, ask the management to mark accessible exits clearly and to make arrangements to help you evacuate the building.
6. Keep extra wheelchair batteries, oxygen, catheters, medication, food for guide or hearing-ear dogs, or other items you might need. Also, keep a list of the type and serial numbers of medical devices you need.
7. Those who are not disabled should learn who in their neighborhood or building is disabled so that they may assist them during emergencies.
8. If you are a caregiver for a person with special needs, make sure you have a plan to communicate if an emergency occurs.

To download a free booklet, Disaster Preparedness:  A Citizen's Guide, go to