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Alan Watts IIAmong other accomplishments, Alan Watts was foremost and clearly a master of communications. He wrote twenty books on philosophy and psychology of religion, on Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Zen.  For a link to Alan Watts materials in the MARINet catalog, click here.

Watts’ mastery of art of communication is even more apparent in his spoken words. He delivered some thousand lectures in learned institutions throughout the world. He conducted two national network TV series.

His principal concern was the exploration and explanation of man’s basic identity with the universe, underlying and having greater reality than the apparently separate person. His unconditional attitudes toward religion established him as a cult of his times.

Within the spoken word arena Alan Watts lectured to a specific audience. Large collegiate audiences amused Alan Watts, and in the context he described himself as a "philosophical entertainer" who fully appreciated human laughter and often shared in it with public lectures to many university and college audiences throughout the world.

In contrast, the Alan Watts seminars were weekend events occurring at someone’s home or studio, usually with 20 or 30 students in attendance. In the seminar the subjects are fully explored in depth, generally in a more serious vein than the public lectures. The early radio talks were done solo-Alan Watts, an empty studio and a microphone.

Since Alan Watts lived and worked on the ferryboat Vallejo in Sausalito in the sixties, his name is usually linked with Sausalito’s sixties counterculture and Jean Varda.

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