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The City of Sausalito’s Priority 1 Sanitary Sewer Project is moving towards construction.

The project will rehabilitate the existing Anchor Street Pump Station, located in City Parking Lot 1; replace the existing sanitary sewer pipe in Humboldt Ave. between the Anchor Street Pump Station and the intersection of Humboldt Ave. and Bay St.  Upstream from here and towards the Spinnaker Restaurant, a new force main will be slipped into the existing sanitary sewer and a new packaged (preassembled) pump station will be installed near the Sausalito Yacht Harbor’s maintenance building.  Upstream of this new pump station and to the Spinnaker Restaurant, a new sanitary sewer pipe will be constructed below the Restaurant’s parking lot including the installation of a new grease interceptor.

In order to safely install the new sewer pipe in Humboldt Ave. the existing ficus tree, located at the corner of Anchor St. and City Parking Lot 1 will removed, either Tuesday or Wednesday September 17th and 18th, which will be the first order of work.

The Priority 1B project will eliminate sags, (low points) in the sewer pipes, pipes with missing inverts (bottoms) and grease build up  The sags and grease build up require ongoing maintenance by City staff.  The missing pipe inverts allow sanitary sewer wastewater to escape from the bottom of the pipe and enter the environment.  Elimination of the sags and grease build up will free up City staff to perform work elsewhere in the City’s sanitary sewer system.  Elimination of the pipes with missing inverts will prevent the waste water from escaping into the environment. 

In April of 2008 the City was named in a Notice of Violation and Order for Compliance by the EPA in April of 2008.  The Notice of Violation and Order for Compliance was amended in November after meeting with named agencies in August (Amended EPA Compliance Order). In November of 2008, the City reached a settlement with Northern California Riverwatch (Riverwatch) on a complaint alleging Clean Water Act violations.  Both require the City perform sewer capital improvements (among other things) in an effort to eliminate, if possible, unpermitted discharges from the City’s wastewater collection system.  The City continues to comply with the Amended EPA Compliance Order and the Riverwatch Settlement.

The Priority 1B project is scheduled to last 182 calendar days, which will take it into March 2014.  The most disruptive elements, the work in City Parking Lot 1 and Humboldt Ave. are scheduled to commence this month and run into November.  Anchor St., Humboldt Ave. and Bay St. will remain open and access to the Spinnaker Restaurant, Sausalito Yacht Harbor and the Chandlery Building at 100 Bay St. will be maintained. The parking stalls adjacent to Anchor St. in City Parking Lot 1 will be made available to the contractor for staging of equipment and material.  Due to the location of the sanitary sewer in Humboldt Ave. City Parking Lot 2, adjacent to the Bank of America, will be closed while the Humboldt Ave. work takes place.  As the contractor completes this portion of the project, City Parking Lot 2 will be reopened to the public.

Future and ongoing updates will be provided as this project moves forward.  Thank you for your patience while this very important City of Sausalito Capital Improvement Project is constructed.


Last updated: 9/12/2013 3:13:01 PM