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News Review
General Plan Update Gets Underway
Posted Date: 3/24/2017 2:30 PM
What is your vision of the future of Sausalito? What community issues are important to you now and as you look into the future? The City of Sausalito's General Plan Update will give you an opportunity to help chart Sausalito's course in the coming years.

The City of Sausalito General Plan covers a wide range of topics such as land use, community design, preservation, downtown and commercial development, transportation, streets, parks, neighborhoods, the environment, public health and safety, and other matters of importance to Sausalito. The General Plan Update will be a three-year process involving participation from community members through public meetings, workshops, and forums. 

The State of California requires every city to have a General Plan. The Sausalito General Plan, last updated in 1995, is a policy document that is often referred to as the "constitution" of local development. The General Plan reflects the vision and values of the community and serves as a basis for decisions that affect the City's future growth and development, future budget decisions, and the allocation of City services. The update to the General Plan provides the opportunity to look back on the policies and goals that were developed in 1995, determine if we want to refine them, and identify where improvements or changes are needed to respond to current and anticipated conditions.

The General Plan Update involves extensive data gathering, evaluation, and analysis of existing conditions related to land use, demographics, transportation, infrastructure, the environment, and the potential impacts to the environment. The M-Group will be assisting the City on the General Plan Update, bringing its planning expertise on the subjects of land use planning, historic preservation, sustainability, engineering, transportation, economics, and community engagement. The M-Group will also ensure that Sausalito's General Plan Update is in compliance with state requirements.

The General Plan Update cannot happen without your input. The City will be rolling out a number of ways that you can participate, including community outreach meetings, workshops, online forums and surveys, an advisory committee, and discussions on special topics of interest. If you have questions or comments about the General Plan Update, please contact Community Development Director Danny Castro at or (415) 289-4133.